Zombie Catchers Hack/Cheats-Free Coins & Plutonium(Android/iOS)

Zombie Catchers Hack Cheats-Free Coins & Plutonium Android iOS

Zombie Catchers Hack/Cheats-Free Coins & Plutonium(Android/iOS)

Zombie Catchers has been developed and offered by Two Men and a Dog. This game has more than 50 million people associated with it and it is still going strong. It requires an android version of 4.1 and up and is available on the iOS platform as well. There is mild violence in the game so only those who are 7 and above should play this game. There are in app purchases as well which are quite nominal in nature. The highest price for a product is Rs.1500. Zombie Catchers has received appreciation from gaming experts from across the globe.

Read the article to know more about Zombie Catchers hack and the much used Zombie Catchers cheats.

Game play

Zombie Catchers is all about catching the characters, zombies in this case, and selling this juice for a profit. As soon as these zombies get out of their hideouts, all you have to do is grab them using various trips and techniques such as spear gun, nets and tranquilizers.

Actually, you have to do this because the world shown in the game has been invaded by zombies. This action adventure game has a lot of offer so make sure you do try it.


Talking about the feature of Zombie Catchers, it almost takes you to another world. On your way during the course of this game, you unlock some great gadgets and also manage your personal underground lab. Now this is something new in the gaming scene. An underground lab? Woah!

All the hunting comes for a price tag- no, we are not talking about money. It is the time that acts as the price here. You would have to complete all your tasks within the stipulated time so you can unlock freebies.

Once you start selling the juice, you can constantly upgrade your business to your consumers. Also, you can subsequently upgrade your equipments too. Remember, high level zombies always yield more juice and more cash.

Zombie Catchers Cheats

Focus on the Zombie Catchers cheats since they help you progress early and quickly in the game. Just take note of these cheats and you are good to go.

If you want, you can also jot these down somewhere for future reference.

  1. Follow whatever missions the game offers. Zombie Catchers is just like any other game when it comes to completing missions. Even at a time when you don’t understand where and how to progress in the game, just follow the missions since they exactly know what is to be done next.
  2. Another supportive Zombie Catchers hack is to take the creepy crawlies along with you. A major benefit of doing this is that it gives you 10 coins. 10 coins might not sound too much but they are definitely of great help to players.
  3. The green bushes in the game are the end points. Make sure that you don’t let the zombies reach there. This is because if they reach there, they are home free and can escape easily. Make some efforts to keep them in your visibility.
  4. Use the various styles of weapons that Zombie Catchers provides. You can try and choose which once is going to be used in different situations. One weapon cannot be used in all situations. You will have to test the others as well so you can use them when the time approaches.
  5. Use the jetpack. A major benefit of using a jetpack is that it lets you chase the zombies faster. In fact, the entire Zombie Catchers game is dependent on how fast and how many zombies you catch. Don’t miss the opportunity whenever it knocks your door. I hope you find this Zombie Catchers cheat helpful.

Zombie Catchers Hack

The Zombie Catchers hack is a great instrument to get freebies and coins. Just follow these simple steps and install this hack on your device.

  1. Click on the link and enter the same username and password you did to log in to the game.
  2. Once you are done with it, select the device on which you want to use the Zombie Catchers hack.
  3. Enter the number of coins or other resources that you want.
  4. Restart the game once you generate the link.
  5. Your Zombie Catchers hack is ready to use. It is compatible with all devices and comes without any overhead cost.


Overall, the game has a fresh concept. You wouldn’t have thought any game to tell you to extract juice from zombies. Just follow whatever mission the game leads you to and you shall pass all tests in the smoothest manner possible.

Use the Zombie Catchers cheats and hack as much as you want since they are the key to success in the game.

Happy gaming!

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