Zombie Castaways Hack/Cheats-Free Zombucks,Coins & Brains(Android/iOS)

Zombie Castaways Hack Cheats Free Zombucks,Coins Brains Android iOS

Zombie Castaways Hack/Cheats-Free Zombucks,Coins & Brains(Android/iOS)

If I had to confess that zombies are friendly, would consider it ludicrous? Well, be as it may, but this is what Zombie Castaways is all about. One unique selling proposition of Zombie Castaways is that the game is being played by gamers all over the world in 15 different languages.

Now that is sincerely an astonishing thing.

Zombie Castaways has been developed and offered by Vizor Apps. The game can be played by all age groups. Users need an android version of 4.0.3 and up to play this game. It is available on iOS as well. There are in app elements too that you can purchase using your digital wallet. These range from Rs. 69 a product to Rs 6800 an item.

Game play

As mentioned earlier, in Zombie Castaways, a friendly zombie falls for a woman and sets off to become a woman. The game is filled with bright, beaming and funny characters. The magnificent location at which this game is being played is truly a treat to our eyes. You have to grow unusual fruits and flowers to cook Zombium. Daily tasks and challenges keep you busy. Zombie Castaways offers an entirely new world to explore.


If I had to quote one feature that is unique in the game, I would say it is the storyline. Where and how often would you find an alien falling in love with a girl?

Zombie Castaways offers you to build a down. On your way, you would find a variety of people such as stoneminers, woodcutters, fishermen, cooks and treasure hunters that would assist you in completing your tasks.

You can call Zombie Castaways as a blend of humans and zombies. None of the two is in excess in the game which is why it seems a lot more engaging than other zombie games. well, if you are also looking for a nice combo of character and are tired of shooting or role playing games, Zombie Castaways is waiting for you.

Zombie Castaways Cheats

To build an island might sound easy but when it actually comes to doing so, it really becomes a big deal. To cater to this difficulty, we have come up with some great Zombie Castaways cheats that support you throughout the game. All you have to do is use them whenever you are stuck in between situations.

Here we go. Take a look!

  1. While exploring, it is quite possible that you are unable to locate certain items. The information button on the upper right corner lets you find out items very easily. Be it a crop or any instrument that you wish to find, that button is designed to help you , always!
  2. While growing your garden, there might be times when the growth becomes out of control. In such a situation, all you have to do is swipe instead of tapping. This usually reduces the burden from one place and helps spread the harvest. This is a good Zombie Castaways cheat to use as and when you realize that your efforts have resulted in over growth.
  3. Did you know that Zombie Castaways lets you watch movies as well? Well, there are thing you would never know unless you read the article. By building a cinema for yourself initially in the game, you can watch a short video and get your entertained. In addition, you will also be rewarded with a freebie for watching the video. Isn’t that gaining double benefits with a single strike?
  4. If your water well turns into gold, don’t worry. All you have to do is click on the gold and wait for the last set of tools. You can sue them to build a new well from scratch. This can be done multiple times in the game. I am sure nobody of you knew this Zombie Castaways cheat.
  5. Keep on digging as much as you can. Zombie Castaways is all about finding little secrets. Once you use your golden shovel to find a treasure, dig deeper for there are chance you might find another award for yourself. These freebies go a long way in helping you.

Zombie Castaways hack

The Zombie Castaways hack is the most authentic hack that the internet is loaded with. Just follow these few steps and you are ready with unlimited currency.

  1. Once you have entered the vital details on clicking the link, enter the no. of coins that you want.
  2. Select the device on which you want this Zombie Castaways hack to work.
  3. Generate the link and restart the game. Your Zombie Castaways hack is ready to use.


Oh man! No review can explain the beauty of this game. It is indulging. It is satisfying. This fresh concept does need a try!

Happy gaming!


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