WWE Immortals Hack/Cheats-Free Credits & Stamina(Android/iOS)

WWE Immortals Hack Cheats Free Credits Stamina Android iOS

WWE Immortals Hack/Cheats-Free Credits & Stamina(Android/iOS)

I have grown watching wrestling. So have you! If you didn’t buy those trump cards and play in your school bus or didn’t try those finishing moves on your siblings, you didn’t live your childhood as the others did.

WWE Immortals has been offered and developed by Warner Bros., an enterprise that has been delivering quality since the day it came into existence. The game has some violence as most WWE games do so parental guidance is advised for children who are below the age of 12. The game has garnered over 10 million installs since its inception. For interactive elements in the game, you can also use your digital wallet.

WWE Immortals was launched for android and iOS platforms. It requires an android version of 4.0 and up to work. Since its inception in 2015, WWE Immortals has been stealing hearts of millions of gamers.

Game play

In the background of some great music and some superb controls, WWE Immortals is all about real time wrestling.  With the help of some amazing gear and finishing moves or signature moves, defeat your opponent and pin him to the ground. Inflict as much pain as you can in this bone crunching wrestling game. There is a huge list of wrestlers to choose from like Tripe H, John Cena, Taker, The Rock, The Bella Twins, etc. Each character is blessed with special powers and moves.


With some stunning graphics doing the rounds, WWE Immortals has a lot to offer. Each player gets leveled up in accordance with the stats. You can also challenge gamers from around the world for a one on one live match to gain some super exciting rewards. Each detail has been so intricately designed that you would never complain of a half hearted experience. One great thing about the makers is that they have updated the superstars in every single update. This means that a star that only had regular movements earlier, now has some great style and panache in his game play.

WWE Immortals Cheats

These WWE Immortals cheats are imperative to win the game. All those who have grown up watching WWE exactly know how difficult it is to maneuver the right move at the right time only to see the opponent biting the dust.

Take a close look at every point so you prep yourself for the battles ahead.

  1. WWE Immortals is all about a blend of attack and defense. Know when to increase your attacks in the game. You would have access to light as well as heavy attacks. In case you are successful in striking your opponent thrice consecutively, you land a chance to obtain a special move. Also, please note that whenever you see a red exclamation mark on the head of the opponent, it essentially means that he is in the attacking mode so you better level up your defense.
  2. You have to spend a lot of coins to upgrade your characters which are gold rated. You see there is no real need to spend a lot of time upgrading those in the silver tier since it is only the gold tier that renders max. score. You need to ensure that there is at least one such team which consists all gold rated wrestlers. Doing this will make your life a lot easier. This WWE Immortals cheat is very useful as the game progresses.
  3. When you reach that point where you have to use the Adrenaline rush moves, you have to be on your toes. The game would ask you to undertake a lot of moves in once go which really means that you have to swing into action pretty fast.
  4. Another useful WWE Immortals hack is to upgrade your characters. This can be done by playing one on one matches on a daily basis. If you want to obtain a lot of coins in the game, this is your easiest and probably the only source to do so.
  5. WWE Immortals involves a lot of planning. You have to know your rivals while building up your team. This would assist to in choosing only those stars that are capable of fighting difficult matches.

WWE Immortals Hack

The WWE Immortals hack is anti ban which means that no user interface would get to know that you care using this hack.

Just follow these simple steps and you shall become the champion in no time.

  1. Enter the link and type in your username as well as email.
  2. Enter the number of coins that you desire to obtain.
  3. Generate the link to complete the process and see the WWE Immortals working.
  4. This WWE Immortals hack is free of cost.


I don’t think I need to give my verdict on legendary games. Play it to realize it!


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