World of Tanks Blitz Hack/Cheats-Free Credits & Gold(Android/iOS)

World of Tanks Blitz Hack Cheats Free Credits Gold Android iOS

World of Tanks Blitz Hack/Cheats-Free Credits & Gold(Android/iOS)

World of Tanks Blitz is a game filled with intense action and adventure. It is the best multiplayer game that you would ever see. A lot of tanks with a lot of fun is what makes this game so interesting.

The game is available for Windows, iOS, android and a few other platforms. For android users, you need a version of 4.0.3 and up. Till now, it has garnered over 10 crore installs which is massive, in fact, more than massive. The game has some good amount of violence so kids are advised to play under parental guidance. World of Tanks Blitz also has some good in app products ranging from Rs. 70 an item to Rs. 7500. Offered and developed by Wargaming Group, World of Tanks Blitz is inviting you to have some great fun.

So what are you waiting for?

Read on the complete article to get to know about some nice World of Tanks Blitz cheats and the much used World of Tanks Blitz hack.

Game play

World of Tanks Blitz has been inspired by World War II. With over 250 tanks donning the game, the detail of each tank is just stunning. You have to play the role of a combat shooter. The great touch screen controls and storyline don’t let you take a break from the app.

You can also play with your friends to play some nice 7 on 7 player versus player games. put your strategy in line and play the best battles on World of Tanks Blitz.


World of Tanks Blitz is inclusive of 23 unique battle arenas. This means that if you get easily bored of a couple of arenas in other battle games, you are going to just love it. The game also offers a deep progression system. Reading about it further, I found out that there are over 10 tiers of tanks to explore as well as unlock. The makers have constantly tried to upgrade and enhance the graphics of World of Tanks Blitz. This is something that sets them a class apart. The personalized challenges and the consequent rewards are a treat to play for.

World of Tanks Blitz cheats

This section talks about World of Tanks Blitz cheats. We have read every word on the internet pertaining to World of Tanks Blitz. If you don’t find this useful, I don’t know what you will!

Read on the following points to know more about the game. If you like it, read it to your friends and family who are playing World of Tanks Blitz.

  1. Initially, you will have 3 tanks at your disposal. These tanks are light in terms of armor. This essentially means that you wouldn’t be able to manage yourself if tough opponents with more armories spring up. However, as you recruit new soldiers, you would see that these act as scouts and help you deal with the situation.
  2. In case you have decided to bring along consumables, I suggest that you opt for the repair kits which are instrumental in repairing and fixing any damaged equipment. The first aid kit is also a good choice since it is of great help to rescue injured crew members.  This World of Tanks Blitz cheat can be used in the long run.
  3. Know the specialties of the tank you are using. Light tanks are high on speed but can be easily damaged in case of an attack. Well, the best use of these tanks is scouting. These tanks are represented on the HUD by a diamond. On the contrary, middle tanks can be used for almost all purposed. Finally, heavy tanks are too slow but they can resist constant and heavy damage.
  4. Upgrade your weapons and tanks as soon as you are a little high on levels in World of Tanks Blitz. You see as the game moves further, you would find it tough to deal with opponents using obsolete and outdated weapons. It is necessary that you are up to date and always prepared to face whatever comes your way.
  5. Don’t face open spaces unless you are confident and sure that you will be able to deal with opponents. Take cover whenever necessary. It helps you survive in the game for long.

World of Tanks Blitz hack

The World of Tanks Blitz hack is a great way to ensure that World of Tanks Blitz becomes your type of game in no time. What we mean to say is that this hack is free to use but leaves you with a lot of benefits.

  1. Click the link and fill in the details.
  2. Enter the number of credits you are looking for.
  3. Generate the link and play the game, king size.


Combat! Shoot! Protect! Save yourself! Attack constantly! What more can I say about a legendary game like this!


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