Turbo FAST Hack/Cheats-Free Money & Tomatoes (Android/iOS)

Turbo FAST Hack Cheats Free Money Tomatoes Android iOS

Turbo FAST Hack/Cheats-Free Money & Tomatoes (Android/iOS)

Racing games are always fun. I still remember how my love for racing games sprung up when Roadrash came into being. Today, we have for you Turbo FAST, a game that is all about racing. The game is actually an inspiration from the hit Netflix series called Turbo FAST.

It has been developed and offered by PIKPOK. The game is available for both, android as well aqs iOS forums. There have been 10 crore installations of this game since its inception. This is a great number for a racing game since such games have become a relic of the past. For android users, you need a version of 2.3 and up to see Turbo FAST work perfectly. The game also has in app purchases which are as high as Rs. 6200 per item.

Game play

The game play is that of a typical racing game. You have to use all possible tips and tricks to get past the curvy roads and win the game. Options like jump, slide, drift and race make the game all the more interesting. The main character Tito, helps you show the ropes so you can easily complete the game. The main currency here is tomatoes. Sounds funny, isn’t it?


Turbo FAST allows you to challenge your friends for a race. In all, there are 13 race tracks that test your abilities. Another interesting feature in this game is that of special events. There are events which are time bound and others wherein you have limited fuel to finish the race. There are varied numbers of design and performance combinations. If you like to boast of your gaming skills, you can always post your score on Twitter and Facebook. Give your best show to climb up the leader boards and and show the world how good a racer you are.

Turbo FAST Cheats

Even though it is a racing game with a comparatively lesser amount of complexities, you will definitely find these Turbo FAST cheats easy. Take a close look at them so you can complete your races in the simplest and smoothest manner possible. We have compiled only major cheats so you don’t have to read irrelevant stuff here.

  1. While you are racing along the curves, make sure you hold down on the right or left of the screen so that you can grab every tomato that comes your way. Since tomatoes form a chunk of the currency in Turbo FAST, you need lots of them to level up your game.
  2. In case you feel that you are low on currency for the next upgrade, you can always work on those time bound challenges that keep changing every now and then. We strongly suggest that you should play those regularly even if you have ample resources since it is only during raining days will you realize that your efforts bore fruits. Use this Turbo FAST cheat and never run out of currency.
  3. There are number laps you have to finish before you end the race. On your way, choose that line which gives you tomatoes easily. It is important that you have an early lead in the game. Also, take this Turbo FAST cheat for granted that in case you have paucity of time, focus on finishing that collecting tomatoes. However, a balance between speed and rewards is the key to win the game.
  4. Keep a racer that is worthy of every single track that the game offers. if your character is not upgraded, you better close the app and go to sleep. Upgrading your racer is the foremost requirement of Turbo FAST. Use this Turbo FAST cheat to ensure that your player is always in his best form.
  5. Take a little risk and slide around sharp corners. Make sure you keep a steady and controllable speed while doing so. If you race extremely fast in such conditions, you might end up smacking your racer into the opposite wall. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Turbo FAST Hack

Looking for unlimited tomatoes and other rewards? Well, this article is right there at your service. We have written down a few steps you need to follow to install the Turbo FAST hack in your hack. This Turbo FAST hack is free of cost and is worthy of being in your phone.

  1. Click the link and enter your vital details.
  2. Put in the number of tomatoes you are looking for.
  3. Generate the hack and let it complete the process.
  4. The Turbo FAST hack is anti ban and antivirus.


Talking about the game’s performance, it doesn’t give you a chance to complain. The graphics and interface is also worthy of appreciation. The controls are pretty easy to use yet, the game takes some time to master.

Happy gaming!

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