Tanki Online Hack/Cheats-Free Crystals & gold(Android/iOS)

Tanki Online Hack Cheats Free Crystals & gold Android iOS

Tanki Online Hack/Cheats-Free Crystals & gold(Android/iOS)

Tanki Online is a multiplayer game that is free to play. It was created and conceptualized by Alternative Platform. The game is based on a battle format and is only available in the multiplayer mode. Released in the year 2009, it caught the attention of gamers in a very short period of time. Tanki Online is available on several platforms like PC, Mac, Linux, Windows.

Each aspect of the game has been appreciated by experts. The overall reviews are also good. However, one disappointment that the users have to face is that the game is not available on android and iOS. So you necessarily would have to explore other options.

Game play

The game consists of 4 different modes. These are capture the flag, team deathmatch, deathmatch and control points. The main currency in the game is crystals. These are obtained by playing daily challenges and playing chain missions. The object is to destroy the enemy by completing whatever objective is at hand. These missions allow the players to level up their tanks from time to time.


Tanki Online offers the players something called as a rank system. Here, players get access to new hears for their tank such as the likes of new weapons and armor along with a chance to explore higher levels of the game.

Tanki Online is a typical desktop game given the number of controls and elements in it. I mean these days; a game which is not available on mobile phones is often not downloaded by people since they feel it restricts their access. However, this game has surpassed stereotypes and you can see a lot of people downloading it despite such hurdles.

This game offers you a 3D format wherein you get to see a lot of exciting environments. The chance to earn thousands of crystals doesn’t come easy so you would have to work your way up the score board.

Tanki Online Cheats

Even though Tanki Online is unavailable on android and iOS, we still have Tanki Online cheats you can use on whatever platforms the game is available on. Well, you really need a lot cheats to get past tough battles. Use these Tanki Online cheats and you shall excel every mission, every battle.

  1. Choose your battle with utmost care. A good v cheat is to choose a battle with some good funds. Ensure that all your players do not have the highest scores since this wouldn’t give you any reward when the battle ends. Also, choose something that gives you a lot of spare time until the end of the battle. This will help you score significant points in the match up.
  2. When you are entering the battle, show some manners and greet everyone. This is important because it helps you find out which language they are using. You can also chat with them and ask about battle related activities. Also, one additional benefit is that someone might surely help you by suggesting a good combo of weapons to be used during the battle.
  3. You have to change your weapon and paint to suit the needs of the match. Readers please note that you should get a paint that can resist the guns of the enemy. This surely is a useful Tanki Online cheat.
  4. Try out several strategies before you can find out which one best serves your interest. Using the battle chat option, you can send alerts and aware whenever any enemy is approaching you. You can also discuss which side to attack first. Conversations make battles a lot easier. Use this Tanki Online cheat to plan your game much in advance.
  5. Buy supplies if things are not going in the desired direction. You can take your teammates along since when you buy collectively, you benefit from the supplies to a great extend.

Tanki Online Hack

  1. The Tanki Online hack lets you gain unlimited crystals.
  2. It is free from potential viruses which means that it is safe for all devices.
  3. Also, please note that this hack comes free of cost.
  4. All you have to do is download the link and enter the number of details that are asked. These details help the hack connect to the game.
  5. Enter the number of crystals you are looking for.
  6. Run the Tanki Online hack and restart the game.
  7. This process might be time consuming so don’t refresh until finished.


The game is a great way to kill you monotony. You have a good access to the controls and the array of elements in it. The weapon collection is also nice. Before you reach a verdict by reading reviews, try it out for yourself and you shall see that the game has no scope of disappointment.


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