Star Trek Timelines Hack/Cheats-Free Dilithium & Credits(Android/iOS)

Star Trek Timelines Hack Cheats Free Dilithium Credits Android iOS

Star Trek Timelines Hack/Cheats-Free Dilithium & Credits(Android/iOS)

Star Trek Timelines is the perfect blend of a role playing and action game. What this means is that you have a better experience of intense drama and some fabulous game play.

Star Trek Timelines been developed by Disruptor Beam and has some good amount of violence. Kids aged below 7 should avoid playing this game. There are in app products also available that range from Rs. 260 an item to Rs. 6700 per item. It is available on both, android and iOS forums. Star Trek Timelines was released in the year 2016.

Read the full article to gain knowledge about Star Trek Timelines cheats and hack. There is a lot of things to explore in this game.

Let’s go!

Game play

The main player is the captain of the ship and has to steer it using his powerful crew, diplomacy, arms and science. Star Trek Timelines is set after the events of Star Trek: Voyager’s series and Star Trek Nemesis. You have to send your crew to complete missions of several types in the most proficient manner possible. Please note that every mission is compiled of 3 levels of difficulty. These include: normal, epic and elite.


There are a hundred of characters that are well known from which you can collect and assemble your ship’s crew. The player versus player battles lets you battle with the best captains in the entire galaxy. Each battle is 3D motivated giving you a pleasurable and thrilling experience. By passing special events and missions, you get a chance to feature your crew and ship on the top of the leaderboard. Star Trek Timelines is based in the 24th century. At no point of time would you feel that this game is a usual story based in the present time. The makers, according to report, have spent years of research before they could come up with such a concept. You see it is fairly easy to device or create a game but the main challenge is to get the audience hooked to the game play. Star Trek Timelines has been pretty successful in doing that.

Star Trek Timelines Cheats

The terminologies in Star Trek Timelines are tough. You really need a lot of understand to ensure that you are well versed with the style of playing. To ensure better comprehension, we have some useful Star Trek Timelines cheats for you that you can use anytime in the game. Oh and please note that we don’t charge to help you.

  1. A good Star Trek Timelines cheat is to keep upgrading your crew and weapons. Like I said, you might have to compete with the best captains during the course of the game. He who uses old weapons in front of such formidable opponents is surely a fool. Use the credits in the game to introduce new gears and weapons in the game.
  2. Earn a lot of merits in the game. It is the premium currency in Star Trek Timelines. You will need it for almost everything in the game. In order to ensure that you have plenty of these, play daily missions. They are a great source of rewards. If you think of delaying the game expecting to earn all merits in a single day, you better steer yourself clear of all doubts.
  3. Another great cheat is to never leave your battle stations empty. You have to have someone of the other governing the station. Leaving the battle station empty is just like inviting attackers for a meal.
  4. Become a VIP and unlock some amazing credits and rewards. After, who doesn’t like to be considered special? There are special bonuses and prizes that you can obtain if you become a part of the elite category.

Star Trek Timelines Hack

To generate unlimited dilithium and other credits, use the Star Trek Timelines hack. This hack is absolutely safe and free from cyber threats. Also, no one can know that you are using this hack. Just follow the given points as explain below.

  1. First and foremost, enter the details such as your username and email. This is an important step.
  2. Enter the credits that you had been wanting for long, that too for free.
  3. Enter the device on which you want the Star Trek Timelines hack to be downloaded.
  4. Click Generate and stay calm until the process is complete. Please do not refresh while the process is on.


The game seems promising in a lot of fronts. Each detail is well crafted. The graphics are impeccable. The gameplay is fresh. The controls also offer a lot of modalities to understand. I strongly recommend this game to all of you.

I would rate Star Trek Timelines a 9 on 10. Well, there is always scope for improvement.

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