Paradise Bay Hack & Cheats-Free Golds & Gems(Android/iOS)

Paradise Bay Hack & Cheats Free Golds & Gems Android iOS

Paradise Bay Hack & Cheats-Free Golds & Gems(Android/iOS)

Escape from reality is a dream far from reality these days. Paradise Bay is a dream come true, though.

It has been developed and offered by King. The game has some nice in app elements that range from Rs. 60 an item to Rs. 6200 an item. Till now, Paradise Bay has seen over 5 crore installs and the numbers are swelling each day. It requires an android version of 4.0.3 and up and is available on the iOS platform s well.

The game is high on graphics and content. Without unnecessary elements and its storyline being plain and simple, Paradise Bay is treat to play. Let us know more about its features, game play, cheats and the much talked about and hyped Paradise Bay hack.

Game play

In this game, you have to join Skippy, Keani and other characters to create a seaport. The beach environment is one good thing in the game. You have to discover new lands, build island and also trade with your pals and other characters in the game. Overall, the game does not involve much tension in terms of time and efforts. As smooth as it could be, each detail has been handcrafted to give you the perfect experience.


You have to continuously unlock the secrets of the island. Along the way, you collect a lot of long lost bits of maps so as to find out mysterious areas and discover new geographical locations. Well this reminds me, if there is one thing because of which I would download this game, it would definitely be the locations in the game. My god! They are beautiful! Just like a normal island is supposed to be with limited people and unlimited serenity, Paradise Bay is exactly like that. You can also buy and sell valuable items in the chaotic and bustling marketplace.

Paradise Bay Cheats

Coming to an essential part of the game, the Paradise Bay cheats! There are a lot of tips and tricks that the internet is flooded with however, the right ones are to be found here. Take a look at these and the game shall pass like cool breeze.

Here we go! Make sure you have a pen and paper to jot things down.

  1. To get access to gold coins and other rare items, keep a close look at the treasure chests. You might find these in abundance if your eyes are open wide enough. You might have heard about valuable treasuries found in islands? Have you? Well, Paradise Bay is just about that. You never know what surprise some long lost box might bring in the game.
  2. Have cordial relations with other people living on the island. You see, as you gain their support, their meter fills which further means that you can obtain a full bag of rewards. Making friends in the game is of prime importance since it lets you know what their future plans are. This further helps you plan the game well. Isn’t that a worthwhile Paradise Bay cheat?
  3. The storage space is pretty insufficient to keep a lot of things. One easy way to get rid of useless items is trading. You have a fantastic option of trading in the game so make full use of it. You can not only make money through it, but also gain early experience. Keep your game smooth and tidy.
  4. Animals are your best friends in the game. They can be helpful in carrying out a lot of activities such as wood cutting, net making and other similar things. Also, they help in making complex items as well. Make sure you put them to task and take full advantage of them
  5. Invest more in new businesses sensing the interest of people. I suggest that it is of no use to carry out the same activity for a long time. You see you have to become a good businessman here before you can become a good winner. Use this Paradise Bay cheat to understand the basics of the game.

Paradise Bay Hack

For unlimited gold and gems, here is the secret. You need to download this free of cost Paradise Bay hack. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on the link and enter all valuable details such as username and email.
  2. Enter the amount of gold or the number of gems you want from the Paradise Bay hack.
  3. After that, press Generate and wait for the process to complete.
  4. This Paradise Bay hack is free from all potential viruses.


The game scores well in terms or easy controls and high performance. It is away from intense action but is close to real gaming. Take a shot at Paradise Bay and you would never regret. After all, building an island is not a small deal!

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