Nonstop Knight Hack/Cheats-Free Gems & Coins (Android/iOS)

Nonstop Knight Hack Cheats Free Gems Coins Android iOS

Nonstop Knight Hack/Cheats-Free Gems & Coins (Android/iOS)

Yet again an adventure game! It seems that the gaming industry is literally flooding the playstores with adventure apps. Every other day you see a new app of this genre, something that has a different storyline but the same game play.

Well, this time we have Nonstop Knight. This app has been developed, conceptualized and offered by Flaregames. Nonstop Knight has over 1 crore installs and requires an android version of 4.0.3 and up. The game is available for iOS users as well. There are in app products you can use but you need to spend real money for a virtual game. Each product cost ranges from Rs. 80 an item to Rs. 7900 per product. There is mild violence in the game play so keep it away from children below the age of 7 years.

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Game play

Nonstop Knight is a role playing game and it is playable with one thumb. Well, that’s a new feature I haven’t probably seen in any adventure game. Here, you have to tackle and smash enemies and estb. Your control in the area using the abilities of your knights. The main currency in Nonstop Knight is gold coins. There are a lot of abilities to utilize during the course of the game.


Coming to the features, one thing I like about Nonstop Knight is that you don’t need an internet connection to play it. Well, it essentially means that you could play it under a rock, in a deserted island, or at your place even when your internet connection is poor. There are a lot of rewards you can earn on the go. The top ranks in the leader boards are waiting for you. The graphics in the game are quite cool. However, the interface seems somewhat childish. The makers, I think, should revisit the app and create a little better version of the app in terms of its outlook. On the whole, there aren’t any lags in the game.

Nonstop Knight Cheats

Through these Nonstop Knight cheats, you get the option to earn a lot of currency easily during the course of the game. These Nonstop Knight cheats and tips have been specially designed for you and we hope that they come handy whenever you are stuck in a complex or difficult situation.

  1. In the entire game, there are only a maximum of 3 skills that you can use at once. Initially, there are a few basic skills available such as Whirl and Leap but as the game progresses, skills such as Clone, Void, Slash and others will become active.
  2. Upgrade your knights using your gold coins. There is no other purpose of these coins than upgrading your characters. If you don’t, your chances of survival become bleak. Use this Nonstop Knight cheat whenever you level up your game.
  3. When you have already earned enough amount of credits, you are able to ascend. This means that there are a few special tokens given to you which you can use to upgrade your adventure game. Also, please note that as you ascend, you would lose your equipment in its course. However, any special ability that you might have unlocked will still be there to use.
  4. At the time of upgrading your skills, you get two charges which have a single cooldown. I suggest that you use both of these in tandem since by doing this; you would have the next two charges ready for use for the next fight. Nonstop Knight is all about creating a plan by which you can maximize the use of your resources.
  5. Watch a lot of videos. It is the securest ways to fill your coffers. As soon as you take a purple chest, you would be asked by the app to watch a video. Grab the opportunity and maximize your rewards in no time.

Nonstop Knight Hack

The Nonstop Knight hack is free to use for all devices. You don’t have to use multiple hacks for multiple rewards.

Just follow these simple steps to download the Nonstop Knight hack:

  1. Download the link and generate it once you have entered the details such as your email and username.
  2. Enter the number of coins that you want to obtain. Please note that you can enter as many coins as you want without paying a dime in real.
  3. Press the Generate button and wait for the Nonstop Knight hack to download.


Coming to the verdict of the game, the controls are easy yet, it takes time to master the game. One drawback I feel is the monotony that creeps in between the game where you get bored. The game should be made more challenging to keep the users intrigued.

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