Inotia 4 Hack/Cheats- Free Gems & Gold (Android/iOS)

Inotia 4 Hack Cheats Free Gems Gold Android iOS

Inotia 4 Hack/Cheats- Free Gems & Gold (Android/iOS)

Yet another addition in the Inotia series is Inotia  4. This article tells you about Inotia  4’s features, game play as well as some really cool Inotia  4 hack and cheats.

The game has been offered by Com2uS USA. It requires an android version of 4.0.3 and up. It has garnered more than 1 crore installs since its release. The game includes some amount of violence so parental guidance is advised who children who are under 12 and playing this game.

The game also offers some nice digital elements in paid form that range from Rs. 80 an item to Rs. 7900 per item.

Game play

Again, the game play is like other role playing games. You have to train characters and make them fight the enemies. Characters like Kiyan and Eara are waiting to take you along in the fantasy ride. One of the major improvements in the game from its previous versions is a great deal of progress in the graphics as well as storyline.


There are a total of 6 classes to choose from including Black Kinght, Warlock, Priest, Ranger and Assassin. Each class as 15 varied skills. You have to combine the best skills and play a game using the best plan or strategy. The maps and geographic locations is another place where the game scores good points. Snowfields and dry deserts don the game. There are around 400 maps and a plethora of themes you are going to explore in the game.

In the course of the game, you have to listen to the stories and sagas of villagers so that you are able to unfold crucial mysteries. While you accomplish different quests in Inotia  4, you will be rewarded with some great items on the way. If you want to become the ultimate player of Inotia  4, fight enemies with all your might and show them there is no fighter better than you.

Inotia  4 Cheats

Use the Inotia  4 cheats and score early in the game. These easy tips and tricks are extremely important for you if you want to lead in the game. Believe you me, we have researched a lot of forums before we complied these points. You are not going to falter if you follow these. Here they are, for our dear readers!

  1. Buy around 12 slot bags early in the game. You see in the initial levels, there isn’t much stuff to buy. You can use these levels to actually create a favorable setting in the game. As the game progresses, you will see that there are a lot of things you want to purchase. In such as situation, you might lose out on essential items. So play carefully and gain early advantage in the game.
  2. Use the dice as much as possible. Dices help you adjust your current stats. If you don’t like the readjustment, you can always go back to the previous stats. These dices can either be found on the battlefields or inside treasury boxes.
  3. Another useful Inotia  4 cheat is to try and buy Fusion machines using your weakest jewels.
  4. Keep lamps in your inventory. These are a great source of money since you can sell them for another better item whenever you are away from the store. If you don’t like what you purchased by using the lamp, you can go back to the original situation too.
  5. Play daily challenges to get exclusive rewards. These rewards shall come handy whenever you are short of currency.

Inotia 4 Hack

The Inotia  4 hack tailor made for you. Use the hack to get unlimited currency in the game. Inotia  4 is a pretty complex game with the use and interface. You would definitely need this hack once in the course of the game no matter how ethically you have played so far.

  1. Click on the link and enter useful details as asked by the server.
  2. Put in the same email with which you are using the game.
  3. Enter the currency value you wish to obtain through the Inotia  4 hack.
  4. Once that is done, select the platform on which you are using the game,
  5. Please note that tha Inotia  4 hack is universal, no matter which device you are using. It essentially means that you wouldn’t have to download separate hacks for separate devices.
  6. Click the Generate button and wait for the process to complete.


The game is easy initially but it would surely require a lot of brain storming as it progresses. Use the given cheats and hack if you want to excel. You will need time to understand the basics so we recommend that you download it only if you have ample time to explore avenues in the game.

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