Ice Age Adventures Hack/Cheats-Free Acorns,Shells & Berries (Android/iOS)

Ice Age Adventures Hack Cheats Free Acorns Shells & Berries Android iOS

Ice Age Adventures Hack/Cheats-Free Acorns,Shells & Berries (Android/iOS)

Ice Age Adventures is a game presented by the most credible, crafty and genuine maker- Gameloft. It is an adventure game and has both, iOS as well as android versions. It you are an android user, you need a version of 4.0 and up for this game to work. The game has more than 5 crore installs which tells me that the game does have some great stuff in it. It also offers in app purchases but they are quite expensive so you wouldn’t bother spending real money any day. Ice Age Adventures has mild violence so it suitable for people aged 7 and above.

For all people who are looking for a break from the monotony of role playing games and games that are all about shooting, Ice Age Adventures is a refreshing change.

Game play

The game is about rescuing the herd which has fallen in the sea due to a catastrophe. Sid, the protagonist, is here to rescue his friends and tries to save the herd from dying. The epic adventure has characters like Manny, Diego, etc. The environments in which the game is played and the natural beauty or surroundings are a treat to watch. You have to overcome some tough hurdles in order to find the missing herd. Ice Age Adventures offers you a lot of leverage in terms of controls.


The game offers a mini game in which you have to save the animals. One of the most interesting features of Ice Age Adventures is that the animals you rescue can be used as power-ups. You also have the option to compete against your pals by participating in daily quests or challenges. The rewards you get by winning these matches are simple amazing. They are useful when you step up in the game.

The 3D graphics surely deserve a mention. The animations and effects in the game make me feel that I am actually in a real situation. You have to play the game to realize these things.

Ice Age Adventures cheats:

Ice Age Adventures has a lot of tips and tricks that you can use to gain an early lead. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching ways by which you can advance in the game without any hassle. These Ice Age Adventures cheats are a result of extensive hard work and authentic data.

  1. Acorns are the premium currency in Ice Age Adventures. These are limited and hard to get. You need to spend these carefully. One of the easiest ways to get these is to complete daily challenges. Like I said earlier, the rewards from these daily competitions let you survive in the game for long. Use the currency for important things such as unlocking islands.
  2. You have got to have enough berries in your bowl for you to cross islands in the game. This helps you play the game without any stoppage. Make sure you focus more on increasing the bowl size. Use this Ice Age Adventures cheat and never face any lag in the game play.
  3. Once you finish an island, you always have an option to go back and work on it. This might sound stupid to most of you but please realize the game is all about collecting maximum items and currency. Collect extra berries and shells so you can use them at a later stage. These add up to benefit you immensely.
  4. Press the Golden star if at any time in the game; you feel that you are lost. This is a great way to know what all you are left with finishing in a particular game. By pressing this option, you would know where you are and what all needs to be collected from the island. If you have enough time, collect everything you see because almost everything is useful to progress in the game.
  5. Upgrade habitats as well as storage basins on a regular basis. Don’t save your rewards for a difficult time. You have to spend often to survive in Ice Age Adventures.

Ice Age Adventures Hack

The Ice Age Adventures hack is pretty simple and has been crafted for those who do not have to play the game daily. Just follow the given steps:

  1. Press the link so that you can enter your username and password.
  2. Select the device on which you are playing.
  3. Enter the amount of currency or berries or any other reward you are looking for.
  4. Let the process finish and restart the same.
  5. The Ice Age Adventures is free from all viruses.


The game does well on two fronts: interface and controls. The storyline is also pretty fresh and shows no score for boredom. I sincerely suggest you to try Ice Age Adventures so you know ha it takes to save humanity from dying.

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