Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack/Cheats-Free Gold & Gems(Android/iOS)

Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack Cheats Free Gold & Gems Android iOS

Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack/Cheats-Free Gold & Gems(Android/iOS)

Dungeon Hunter 5- Action, as the name suggests is a role playing game with some intense action and great underlying adventure.

It can be played on all platforms. For android users, you need an android version of 4.0 and up. The content has been rated as 12 plus due to moderate violence in the game. There are in app purchases as well whose highest price is Rs. 6200 an item. Till now, Dungeon Hunter 5- Action has managed a whopping 5 crore installs which is a great number since its inception in 2015.

The game has been published by Gameloft. It has been developed also by the same name. Gameloft has always been committed to providing quality games on our devices.

Game play

First of all, please know that the game requires an internet connection to work. Unlike the previous versions, in his series, you will see that a player has to kill the enemy whose strength increases as the level of the game goes up. Such stronger enemies test the skill of your characters in the game. A new mode also has been developed by the makers this time. It is called Stronghold wherein players can collect minions so they can keep them inside the stronghold. Quartz, as a new type of currency also has been created in Dungeon Hunter 5- Action.

The loot system in the app is quite an advanced one now unlike its previous versions. The game, this time, has a lot to offer to hardcore gamers.


This time, one thing that is guaranteed in Dungeon Hunter 5- Action is the quality of graphics. I am sure you are going to be in awe of it. Each movement is so carefully created that you can literally mark the positioning of each character in the most precise manner. Even the environments that are showed in the game have quite minute details.

Overall, there are more than 900 armory pieces that you can choose from. More than hundreds of skills and spells make the game play so much more engaging. If you so desire, you can also tag your friends along and play in the multiplayer mode.

Dungeon Hunter 5- Action cheats

Readers, we have spent a fair share o our time researching about the nitty gritty of Dungeon Hunter 5- Action.

If you are looking for some real time Dungeon Hunter 5- Action cheats, this is your only source. Use them to make the game processes look a lot easier.

  1. Don’t spend a major portion of your time choosing your weapon. This might be done when you are at the higher levels. As it is, as soon as you complete your tutorial, you will get new weapons. Just focus on planning the game.
  2. Check beforehand, the kind of enemies you are going to face. If the enemies are weak in comparison to your characters, perfect! If they are stronger, you need to have a lot of good weapons in your treasury before you can proceed. Use this Dungeon Hunter 5- Action cheat to gauge the power of the opponent well in time.
  3. The option for choosing an ally comes at the last. However, readers please note that this option can make or break your game. You could choose a random character but this would give you a single Bounty Ticket at the end of a completed level. However, if you decide to choose a guildmate or an in-game friend, your chances or getting 4 tickets is 100%. Choose wisely!
  4. Play every day so you are able to earn enough gems to open the Gear Chests. If you don’t do so, you would have to spend an extra amount of real money to get hold of those gems in your possession. I am sure playing regularly is a better option rather than spending real time money for a virtual game. Well, it doesn’t hurt to pick up your device and break from the monotony of life once a day.

Dungeon Hunter 5- Action hack

If you are looking for a bounty of gems in this article and in Dungeon Hunter 5- Action, use the Dungeon Hunter 5- Action hack. This hack is anti ban and has a featured technology for keeping you safe from any virus or potential threats. Just go ahead and use this hack in your game and it will save a lot of your digital purchases.

  1. Download the link and enter your vital details.
  2. Put in the amount of currency or gems you want.
  3. Press Generate and wait for the Dungeon Hunter 5- Action hack to download.


As mentioned several times earlier, the game does deserve a fair share of appreciation for all that is new and improved. The rest, we leave it to your fine sense of judgment and gaming sense.

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