Clash Royale Hack – Free Gems and Gold

Clash Royale: how to get free gems? Here you can find all the tricks available for Clash Royale, one of the most popular app of the moment. Also you will be able to check our latest Clash Royale hack tool for free gems and gold.

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Clash Royale , here is all the tricks to get unlimited gems and gold free and easily and a trick on how to find the epic and rare cards.

Clash Royale is one of the most downloaded app of the moment. It is very fun strategy game, in which opponents face off in real-time using the cards inspired by the universe of Clash of Clans. Also Clash Royale is a free download from ‘ App Store and Play Store . To take advantage of the full potential of the game is no need of many gems and gold, which are used as if they were currency.

The gold you can get for free by opening the trunks or giving away the cards to the members of his clan and serves to enhance the characteristics and statistics of their card. The gems instead, can be purchased via in app payments , and are used to receive trunks and to speed up the opening of the cases obtained in battle.

So, in order to strengthen its Royale Clash cards need of many gems and gold. Our Clash Royale Hack can help you obtaining free gems and gold. Many users tried out our Royale Clash cheats, to see if there is a way to get free and endless gems accumulate a lot of gold without having to spend a penny, and they thanked us, because clash royale hack no survey is the only tool working as of today.

Below you will find the answers to these questions, because we will list all the tricks available for Clash Royale gems hack. Furthermore, we explain how to easily get some of the epic and legendary cards in the game, such as the Arch-X and Super Witch.

Clash Royale Hack: endless gems and gold for free

The buds are very important for the Royale Clash. In fact, these are useful to achieve special coffers (magical or silver), to compensate for the gold spent in battle and to strengthen their cards. In order to have the infinite gems you’ll have to buy them in the store in the app , but in this case, you risk spending a fortune. You can easily do it with our clash royale hack gems online tool.

Unfortunately, there are no tricks to get free gems and endless in Royale Clash, so be ware of anyone who tells you otherwise. During the course of the game, though, you’ll have the chance to free gems unlock. In fact, the daily goal is reached will receive a chest and opening it will receive some gems. Their number depends on the rarity of the chest, because the higher and higher will be.

In this regard we recommend that you unlock as many coffers in the first arenas , because the more you go along in the game, and the more difficult to get them.

Nor is there a trick to get gold at will , but by following our tips really do not need.In fact, in order to accumulate as much gold it is important not to waste it in the early stages of the game, without getting caught by the temptation to empower the community cards that after a while ‘there will be more useful.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the best methods to get gold at Clash Royale is giving their cards to the members of their clan. For example, giving a rare card you earn 50 gold.

But not everyone wants to get rid of a rare card, because it is very difficult to find them. To prevent this from happening, however, you can exchange the same card with your partner, so that both will receive 50 coins without having weakened the deck.

Clash Royale Cheats: how to get epic cards

In order to have more chances to win a battle in the deck you need that there are many epic cards . Unfortunately it is not easy to find and there are no tricks that allow us to choose the epic card we want.

How you can get the epic cards Clash Royale? The epic cards can be found in chests , but the chances of finding a truly rare increase when you are in the most difficult arenas. In fact, while it is almost impossible to find an epic card in gold and silver trunks, the odds increase in those giants and magical.

Here in such trunks it is easier to find the epic cards in Clash Royale:

  • Giant trunk : good chance;
  • magical trunk : is guaranteed the presence of one or more epic cards (up to a maximum of three);
  • super magical trunk : is sure the presence of at least 6 epic cards, up to a maximum of 22.

Clash Royale Hack: Superstrega paper and arch-X

The paper Arco-X is one of the strongest weapons present in Clash Royale, as it allows you to destroy with a single blow all the enemies on the map. However, it is a rare card so it is not easy to find.

But there is a trick by which increase the chances of finding a card Arch-X. In fact, in ‘ Arena 3 of the barbarians (the one that you access with more than 800 cups) it is easier to find, although it is not 100% sure. Arena until 7’ll still chance to recover it, but then the rate drops significantly. If you do not want to have the advantages of having a card Arch-X in your deck, you can always buy it spending 2000 gold .

Another very important card is the witch , that thanks to his hordes of skeletons can destroy ground troops and air within seconds. In many, however, they do not know that you can create a Super Witch , can produce with one shot two hordes of skeletons. How to do?

You first need to have the same hand is the card of the Witch ” Barracks of the skeletons ” and pink elixir. At this point you have to put the Witch and the barracks in the same corner of the faction so your card will remain trapped.

Order to break free will be forced to produce a horde of skeletons. Then, after the Witch will be able to free you will have plenty of skeletons that will help you win the battle.

So at the end of the article, we must say, clash royale is really an addicting game, and its not easy to play too. You definitely need a lot of gems and gold to survive in the game. The only working Clash Royale Hack tool you can check at the top by clicking the link, or you can look out our awesome tips and tricks for clash royale hack.